Chriss DeVynal & Ref - Love, Life & House [The EP] (Delux Edition)

by EarOnDaGround Music



Love, Life & House [The EP] - Is a combination on two artists that came together with their different appealing talent to put together “Love, Life & House [The Ep]”. Irrespective of their different musical backgrounds and types of styles but due to making good music being the ultimate goal they managed to merge productively. This is a collaboration between, instruments and vocals, beats and lyrics.

Chriss DeVynal is a edm producer and a dj. Ref being the singer, songwriter. The inspiration behind the ep was a single recorded in 2012 titled “Everything That I Feel”. The energy behind this song was not to be ignored as it was too amazing and needed to be carried over. So the entire concept behind “Love, Life & House” was birthed and conceived.

“Love, Life & House” is a self-defined project, the title gives an over-view of what it’s about. Dwelling too much into detail would be doing injustice to the ep, it needs to be listened and indulged into.

Written & Performed By: Ref (R. M. Rakubu)
Produced By: Chriss DeVynal (T. C. Shilakoe)
Recorded By: Trompie (Beat Machine Music Group)
Mastering By: Roberto Paraiso (Right Peak Level Audio Mastering)
Photography By: Lerato Mabokela (iSnap Photography)
Cover Design By: Joel Mazonde (Joel Designs)


released December 13, 2013

(C) 2013 EarOnDaGround Music World. (P) Sheer Publishing.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Chriss DeVynal & Ref - Desire To Live
(1st Verse)

Can’t wait to wake up in the morning to take a breath of fresh air
Loving the feeling of my feet walking on the floor and feeling the ground
The birds making beautiful humming sounds which start up the morning music
I can’t lie I have a big desire, desire to live
Life is a gift that should be cherished its irreplaceable
The gift of waking up and absorbing all emotions
My greatest lust, is the lust for life
Opportunities presenting themselves which excites the feeling of life


I can’t lie I have a big desire, desire to live (x2)
(2nd Verse)
Too doo doo too too taa daa daa taa taa yea (x2)
Life ain’t just movie, life ain’t all about games, life ain’t just a gift you play with
Life is all about love, life is all about ambition, life is all about appreciation (x2)


I can’t lie I have a big desire oh yeah, desire to live
Too doo doo too too taa daa daa taa taa yea (x2)
I can’t lie I have a big desire, desire to live (x2)